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Discover the Web-to-Print solution based on years of experience in the Printing Industry and on the Internet.

Richard Cooper
En Masse Media

I can't say enough about the work that the guys at PressCentric have done with our new website. They took an average site and turned it into a dynamic, informative storefront. It's an absolute pleasure to work with them...
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We've created a Breakthrough Online Solution that meets your two main challenges

  • Getting more clients.
  • Automating production and customer service.

Ready For Business

You get a professional Website storefront with an expert Content Management System. So you're ready for business - quickly and with no unnecessary costs.

Fraction of the Cost

Traditionally, it was very time-consuming and expensive for a printer to create, deploy, maintain and optimize a Website with an online storefront. Not anymore. PressCentric provides a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional web-to-print systems.

Optimized for the Printing Industry

The PressCentric system is based on a well-established and increasingly popular technology known as Software as a Service. It puts your printing company at the forefront of technology - and efficiency.

Pay as You GO

Are you a small business owner? You'll enjoy the modularity PressCentric has to offer.

Get New Clients

Automate marketing and sales through full automation with

Latest News

Adobe InDesign
Integration via PrintUI

Our latest integration with PrintUI is really a dream come true for many of our clients. Now the documents can be easily converted and exported from Adobe InDesign™ and assigned to online products in our system. And best of all, we made the entire process so simple that it can be performed after just  a few minutes of training. No programming knowledge is necessary and your operator works in a familiar environment using the Industry standard software.


Accounting Integration Module

We are pleased to announce the completion  of one of our most requested features. With this new Accounting Integration Module you can import all your transactions and invoices directly into Sage Simply Accounting. Data import can be completed at your own schedule with a few easy steps – no more tedious data re-entry.


Automated PDF Preflight

With Automated PDF Preflight  and Preview module we addressed some of the most common problems in prepress and customer service department. Our module creates instantaneous preview of client’s PDF files and shows trim lines as well as bleed and safe margins. (more…)

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