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We have created a system that is extremely modular: you only pay for the functionality you need. Get started without a big upfront investment, and add more features as your grow.

Lite Standard Pro Enterprise

B2C Site with Product Catalog
You get a professional storefront with an expert Content Management System (CMS). So you're ready for business - quickly and with no unnecessary costs. You can change the look and feel of your storefront simply by changing one 'skin' file.
Automatic Invoicing
All invoices are generated automatically and reflect any changes in live orders in real time
Industry-Standard SSL Security
SSL certificate allows you to protect your customer's transactions and provide visitors with proof of your digital identity - essential factors in gaining confidence in your services and identity.
Content Management System
You can manage and change webpage content on your site without HTML knowledge: The storefront comes with an intuitive WYSIWYG content editor and file management system. The Content Management System is so user-friendly that a Customer Service Representative or any member of your support team can easily add or change the content.
Shipping Rates Integration
Your clients will see live shipping quotes from a shipping provider of your choosing.
Sales Tax Calculation
Sales taxes are automatically calculated for your customers based on their location.
Automatic Proof Management
Clients are notified via email when a PDF proof is ready for approval. Upon approval by the client, the job is automatically moved into production.
Advanced SEO Integration
Our system offers automatic optimization of your Website for search engines, so that your storefront shows up high in Google and other search engines. You also get Google Analytics integration that lets you measure your advertising ROI so you can improve your site's performance and marketing over time.
One-Click Shipping
One-click automated shipping with FedEx, UPS, DHL, Purolator and other carriers is available. Your customers receive their orders on time, every time
Easy Reordering
Allows one-click re-order of the jobs that were previously ordered. This eliminates the need to re-upload the files or check to see what the previous paper or quantities were.
Custom Quotes
Your clients can easily request a quote outside the scope of your general product offering and/or pricing. Once the estimator completes the quote (by choosing appropriate papers, quantity, size etc.) the client gets a notification via e-mail.
Custom Turnarounds
This feature allows you to setup upcharges and discounts for your products, based on the desired turnaround time selected by a client.
Promotional Codes
These codes allow you to set a discount and timeline for any products or services.
B2B Features
Customizable Business-2-Business storefronts for your corporate clients. Shared or completely separate sets of products, order management & approval and other advanced Business-2-Business features.
You can quickly generate an imposed PDF for any job in the system based on the job's parameters - this saves a lot of time when processing digital jobs directly to press.
Automatic Pre-Flight
A set of automatic validation options and pre-flight check to ensure that files provided by the customer conform to the order specifications.
Online Designer
Online design tools for products so clients can make text, design and image changes from Adobe InDesign™ templates you have created in the system.
Price Grids
With this feature you can create a specific pricing for a specific quantity of any product. This pricing table can then be replicated and displayed on any number of web pages.
Support Tickets
Provides the ability to view and manage configurable customer support request tickets.
This feature enables you to display special pricing on any web page for any product of a group of products.
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Storefronts
You will be able to deploy multiple websites and manage production though one production back-office.
Optional Add-On
Automatic Workflow Integration
PressCentric Pipeline utility integrates right into your existing workflow and automatically downloads press-ready files and JDF packages and distributes them to local or network hot folders.
Optional Add-On
Multiple Locations
Support for multiple physical locations (shops or stores) with automatic shipping integration for each location.
Optional Add-On™ Integration
Full integration with This integration allows your sales team to be far more effective in tracking jobs, providing quotes, placing orders, and registering support tickets.
Optional Add-On
API Access
Optional Add-On
Eco/Green Features
Allows your clients to see & track the environmental impact of their orders (such as trees saved or gas emissions prevented). With this option the system will calculate the environmental savings for every job, based on type or stock and printing methods used.
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Optional Add-On
Automatic Imposition with Metrix
To manage gang jobs and substantially reduce costs for larger volume printing PressCentric integrates with Metrix™ - the industry leader in job planning and imposition software.
Optional Add-On
Multiple Territories
You can automatically or manually assign clients, jobs, quotes and support tickets to any number of territories according to country, state, province or a zip/postal code.
Optional Add-On
3rd-Party Integration
PressCentric can be easily integrated with any 3rd party system through Web Services or XML interfaces.
Optional Add-On
Trade Printer Features
Host customizable e-commerce storefronts for your resellers, and provide them with additional services they can then offer to their own clients.
Optional Add-On

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