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Bet Your Money on a Web-to-Print Storefront

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There are many good reasons why the movement of Print to online ordering and digital storefronts has been a good thing. One popular improvement is replacing basic email interactions with a custom digital storefront, or web-to-print portal.

While the list of benefits offered by this Software as a Service (SaaS)  feature is long, one of the most obvious things it does for a print business is promotes long lasting online relationships between vendors and customers. This increases the chance for each party to do business together in future.

Having this particular B2B feature is a surefire tool to keep your current corporate clients while improving the likelihood of turning one-time buyers into long term customers.

In a study carried out by by Jennifer Matt at Web2PrintExperts.com in 2014 print buyers were asked how hard it would be for them to change who they did business with. A staggering 85% responded that all it would take is sending their orders to a different email.

“Email is the global leader in web-to-print; it remains the global leader because we as an industry have failed to value the most important asset we deal with every day, THE CUSTOMER’S TIME.”

Here’s the thing with funneling orders through digital storefronts. With simple email exchanges or quote requests, nothing is tying a customer to the print provider besides the short-lived Internet contact over their keyboard and email. In other words – changing who gets their money requires almost no effort.

Switching to a Web-to-Print Storefront

With a digital storefront, you’re telling your customers you care about their business. But just as importantly, you’re getting a return on time and value yourself by automating time consuming daily tasks that come up in any print production process, like imposition or data entry. Whenever communication is necessary, your client automatically gets an email notification. This is the beauty of a Web-to-Print storefront: print buyers and print providers alike save ample time per job. It helps you work smarter and to have stronger relationships with your customers.

Things such as reordering, product history, custom quotes, online proofs, automated pre-flight, or promotional codes, become a click away once a client is registered on your website with a personal password and login. This sense of having a profile causes a stronger business connection that’s been proven to encourage customer retention down the road.

Let us help you switch

Unfortunately, in the past it was expensive for Web-to-Print providers to give out individual storefronts, due to lengthy setup times. Only high-end print clientele would receive the online digital storefront feature due to high costs associated with implementing multiple storefronts.

Not anymore.

PressCentric is unique in its capacity to create online storefronts for Web2Print for a client of any size at a fraction of the cost. Our cloud-based platform makes what used to be a lengthy and costly task almost instantaneous and free for certain editions.

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