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Imposition Made Easy

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Imposition can be by far one of the most time consuming and challenging processes in the prepress department. It is very easy to make mistakes while imposing files, and as any prepress operator knows, these mistakes can be very costly. There are numerous software packages on the market that make file imposition easier, but they are either very expensive, hard to use or both. Additionally, in most cases, they are standalone solutions, disconnected from the rest of the print workflow – they require a manual file input, constant creation of new imposition templates to accommodate for always changing sizes of press sheets and products and, not to forget, highly trained staff.

Because of that, a typical workflow imposition process in most print shops hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years. Many small shops still use Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator to impose all their files, mainly because they are unable or unwilling to invest in specialized software. This is understandable considering a very tough situation in the printing industry facing strong competition and constantly decreasing margins.

Imposition and Web-to-Print

The situation has not really improved since the advent of web-to-print systems. Although some of the web-to-print solutions can impose files, they are limited to files created by their own online design tools. Printers who want to impose client supplied files are still left in the same position – having to continue to use Adobe InDesign or Illustrator or to buy another expensive piece of software. That is, until now.

Imposition module in PressCentric web-to-print system completely automates imposition process and allows printers to impose ALL files, including the files supplied by the clients. The module is fully integrated into your existing production workflow. After PDF files are approved online by the print buyer, they are imposed within a split second in PressCentric server cloud. The imposed PDF is automatically downloaded onto your local computer for further processing and printing. Not only that, but PressCentric web-to-print system can also push JDF information to any compliant prepress or print workflow.

In addition, imposition profiles (templates) containing instructions on how a job should be imposed  can be created within seconds. Even better, the same imposition template can be used for products of different sizes (e.g business cards and postcards) because products and press sheets sizes are dynamically adjusted based on specifications of the ordered products. As a result, what would take other solutions the entire library of imposition templates, PressCentric system can achieve with only a few profiles.

If you would like to see a live demo of our imposition module or learn about other ways PressCentric web to print system can save you time and money request a live demo today.

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