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Paying Versus Earning SEO for Printers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a no-brainer for businesses providing print services in the digital storefront age.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money designing a new B2B or B2C website only to locate yourself deeply forgotten on Google’s 17th search page.  For those who can relate, rest assured, your intentions are in the right spot.

How do you achieve more exposure in the cyber world? You just need a little SEO.

In 2012, according to the Digital Influence Index (Fleishman-Hillard), around 89% of global consumers reported using search engines for purchasing. It is easy to imagine that number being higher today.

At first glance, SEO can seem daunting to understand.  It’s the science of how to be found online, and everybody apart from Google is grasping for its secrets.

SEO is such an important advantage that companies who can afford it, will pay for a competitive edge. They would offer big bucks to get exposure and placement atop page numero uno and buy pay per click advertising models that reap SEO rewards and facilitate revenue growth for their business. But not every company is ready to spend their budget on paid ads (AdWords).

When looking to improve search engine rank without coughing up dollar bills on SEO, there’s one simple tactic any print service provider can rely on.

Use your W2P back office tools to generate traffic.

SEO LetterpressA good web-to-print solution will automatically send emails that  prompt customers to come back to your website throughout the process of proofing and confirming an order.

Those emails contain links that bring customers back onto their account page on your web site. So instead of relying solely on email communication that does nothing for your SEO, these customers are encouraged to return to their personal dashboard on your website. This counts as traffic.

Better still, it counts as gradual traffic, which carries more weight from the perspective of Google or Bing since it appears more organic, or sustainable, and it will increase your local search engine ranking.

Using W2P back office is a proven SEO tool.

Organically earning a first-page placement on Google  takes time. If you’re already there, we give you kudos.  Remember though, staying up top still requires new content and fresh tactics.

While there is no perfect SEO recipe, focusing on basics like using relevant keywords, linking to legitimate content, incorporating videos into your site layout, and simply ensuring your contact information is on your web site, will help to increase your local ranking for free.

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