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Adobe InDesign Integration via PrintUI

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Our latest integration with PrintUI is really a dream come true for many of our clients. Now documents can be easily converted and exported from Adobe InDesign™ and assigned to online products in our system. And best of all, we made the entire process so simple that it can be performed after just a few minutes of training. No programming knowledge is necessary and your operator works in a familiar environment using the industry standard software.

Print UI This integration solved one of the most common and the most costly problem printers encounter when they deploy web to print systems – conversion of in house graphic files into customizable web to print templates. While servicing corporate clients print companies often accumulate hundreds of templates in Adobe InDesign™. It can take weeks or even months and cost thousands for dollars in labour to convert these templates into proprietary format so that they can be used in online designer. Not anymore – we’ve built a bridge from your desktop to your storefront so that your Adobe Indesign documents can be converted into editable online templates almost immediately.

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