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Web to Print Editor Feature Release: Automatic Background Removal

Featured Image

One of the most requested features from users of our web to print editor is here, and it can be added today for free! With this powerful new feature your clients can automatically remove backgrounds from even the most challenging images like a headshot, all with just the click of a button.

Our web to print design software is now using a machine learning algorithm trained on billions of images, and can extract the important parts from even the busiest and most complex backgrounds, saving you an enormous amount of operator time in photoshop.

When replacing an image on an editable template your clients will now have a button giving them the option to Remove Background. Clicking this button will immediately show a preview of their image with the background removed:

Background Removal

And that’s it! Your client will no longer need to contact your staff or navigate away from your website if their image requires background removal.

Now available for all of our current users of our online design tool. Simply email support@presscentric.com for further information, and start telling your clients about the feature today!

Don’t have our online designer in your package? Contact us for a demo today!


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